The PPA was founded in January of 2017 by a small group of like-minded individuals who were looking for ways to organize and #RESIST while doing good for their community. These are those members.

James Leonard is one of the founders of the PPA and an elected official in the Patterson area, serving on the Patterson School Board.

James Leonard, Co-Founder

Shivaugn is a local Patterson teacher and co-founder of the PPA. She leads the district in the “Green Initiative” and is near completion of her MPA.

Shivaugn Alves, Co-Founder

William Hoffknecht is one of the co-founders of the PPA.  When not helping to organize the message against the right-wing establishment Will is working and shooting photography.

William Hoffknecht, Co-Founder

Kelley Salomon is a co-founder of the PPA and a force in local real estate.  With her passion and love she always brings a positive attitude to anything we do.

Kelley Salomon, Co-Founder

Tim Robertson is the Executive Director of the North Valley Labor Federation and an advisor to many of the progressive groups throughout the valley.  As a resident of CD-10 and someone that has been in local politics for awhile, he is well-versed on the needs of the people of the valley.

Tim Robertson, Advisor