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PPA Letter – Del Puerto Dam Response

The PPA has written the following letter that will be sent to all local leaders (City, County, etc.) with our response on the proposed Del Puerto Dam Project. You can download the PDF or read the test below:

To: Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors, Del Puerto Water District

Re: Proposed dam in Del Puerto Canyon

The Del Puerto Water District and the Water Exchange are planning a massive reservoir in the hills just above the city of Patterson, home to nearly 25,000 residents. This project could have potentially grave consequences for our town, our economy and our environment, and we are united in our opposition to the proposed dam.

The reservoir created by this new dam would be less than five miles from a fault, and within landslide soil. If the dam were to fail, Patterson would be flooded up to 10 feet all the way to the San Joaquin River. This would be nothing less than catastrophic for our town and our citizens.

If this dam moves forward, many of Patterson’s homes will now fall under hazardous inundation zones. For homeowners to protect their property in case of a dam failure could cost up to $1,000 annually.

The West Side is also located in a region with the worst air quality in the nation. This project will add tons of debris, and our disadvantaged community will be put at even greater risk. This area is known for the endangered kit fox, is home to Yokut Indian artifacts, and is the location where California’s first paleontological finds were discovered. Del Puerto Canyon is a cherished respite for those in our community and throughout the state.

We urge developers, planners and policymakers to consider the numerous concerns shared by our community and our partners in the region, and to consider an alternate location to the north that would not negatively impact any communities. This private reservoir is simply not worth the risk it poses to our community.


Patterson Progressive Alliance

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Taxpayers on the Hook for Fundraiser

Recently the local Republicans held an event where they hosted the right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter to a fundraiser.  This event was blasted by the left, middle, and some on the right as well because of the nature of Ann Coulter and the hateful shtick of a caricature that she portrays in her books and media.  Not only does she actively preach hate towards immigrants, Latinos, and other minorities, but also women and anyone that disagrees with her.

As a constituent of Supervisor Jim DeMartini it absolutely sickens me that this event was basically approved and co-opted by our county board.  I have no problem with a private event and letting people speak their minds, but where the issue lies is that it gave the impression that it was sponsored by the county board.  We have also come to find out that Stanislaus County taxpayers are on the hook for about $68K in police services for this event, which just supports that perception.

Almost any other event in the area requires the event holder to pay for “police services” to cover those costs and take the burden off the local taxpayer – but for some reason, which DeMartini cannot explain thoughtfully, the Republican fundraiser was not equally charged for these police services.  When Jim was confronted about it at a recent board meeting by a concerned and brave citizen, his answer was that it was the fault of the Modesto Bee as they “whipped up the hysteria” around the event and that they were “responsible.”

Jim – I thought you were a Republican?  I thought that Republicans believed in taking responsibility and accountability?  Well maybe it is time for you to accept your nature and the problems you have caused over the years you have served in office.  Maybe it is time for you to listen to your constituents for once instead of your party.  I know you are not used to being held accountable for your actions, but that is changing.  Get used to it.


William Hoffknecht
Co-founder, Patterson Progressive Alliance


Source: Modbee


Patterson Poetry!


Wow!  This is overwhelming and humbling to the entire group.  Our first event that we organized was the Valentine’s Day Love-In.  The point was to be very public and announce to the city of Patterson that we are here and we still believe in peace, love, and unity in a time of great political turmoil and differences.

Our event, which you can read more about by clicking this link, was a huge success in our eyes.  We had a mix of teachers, board members, city council, children, and town elders come out to share in our message.

Even more amazing than that is the fact that we were contacted by a resident that sent us this picture of her poem entitled “Patterson Valentine’s Day ‘Love-In’ 2017” that was recently published by the Modesto Poets Corner.  This is beyond what we had expected.  I love that our event to spread love and unity inspired someone to want to write about the event in a creative and artistic fashion.

So thank you Nancee Kinkaid Maya for sharing this with us…and while nothing is set in stone yet, it is safe to say we are looking to make the Love-In more than just a singular event for Patterson!


William Hoffknecht

PPA Co-Founder