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PPA Endorsement: Josh Harder for CD-10

Better Logo Than YoursWith the 2018 primary election season behind us the candidates left in the race for CD-10 are Josh Harder and Jeff Denham.  We reached out to Mr. Harder and his campaign with a questionnaire of issues that our members find important and want to see our congressional candidate take a solid stance on.  Mr. Harder filled out that questionnaire and at our most recent meeting we brought it forward to our members for discussion.

NOTE: The questions and responses are now published online for all readers and members to look through.  Find the link below.

After looking over his responses and talking through the pros/cons and any concerns we may have had about Mr. Harder we put forward a motion to formally endorse Mr. Harder as our candidate for CD-10.  That motion was voted on by all present members and with unanimous support the Patterson Progressive Alliance is proud to announce our endorsement of Candidate Josh Harder for California Congressional District 10.

We look forward to working with our partners around the district as well as Mr. Harder’s campaigns to unseat Jeff Denham and his failed policies for the good of the valley, the state, and the nation.

Please visit for information and opportunities to help in his campaign or you can reach out to us directly here or at  Thank you again to all members and supporters and let’s get going to take back our district!

William Hoffknecht
Co-Founder, The Patterson Progressive Alliance

Josh Harder Endorsement Questionnaire

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PPA Statement on TJ Cox Endorsement

The Patterson Progressive Alliance was proud to endorse TJ Cox for the 10th Congressional District race against Jeff Denham, and we were disappointed to learn that he will instead be running in the 21st district. TJ earned the support of our group and several other groups throughout the 10th for his progressive values and genuine character. Our support for TJ stands, and we wish him well in his new race, but our focus remains on Patterson and the 10th district.

The PPA is not currently endorsing any candidate for the 10th district, and we look forward to discussing this further at our next meeting on March 14. Our biggest goal remains to flip the House, and with TJ in the 21st and a Democrat in the 10th, we’ll be two steps closer to doing just that. We will continue to work to unseat Jeff Denham, and we’ll be canvassing again on March 18 toward that goal.



An Open Letter to Jeff Denham

Dear Representative Jeff Denham,

You have turned your back on an estimated 300,000 people in your district. You have decided that this set of tax cuts for the rich is worth letting your constituents suffer for. Who do you work for, exactly?

If you honestly believe that this bill will give the American people a better choice for health care – THEN PROVE IT.

Sponsor a bill that removes the taxpayer-funded health care from the members of Congress and forces them to purchase privately as well as removes all protections from pre-existing conditions and any other protection given to you by the ACA. Force all members of Congress to live by the same rules as what you want us to live by. Stand up for your so-called “beliefs” and lead by example.

We in the PPA have been trying our best to focus more on local issues with a positive message and let you dig your own grave with your constituency, but with this vote today, after you told us you were voting “no” on the matter, we can no longer ignore you. If this dangerous bill — which you decided to vote on without a score from the CBO — becomes law, you will be directly responsible for pain, suffering, and even death of members of your community.

You have proven who you work for and it sure as hell isn’t the people of Patterson, Turlock, Modesto, Newman, Denair, or anywhere else in your district. It is your donors and establishment of the Republican Party.

Shame on you.

William Hoffknecht
Co-founder, Patterson Progressive Alliance