Patterson Poetry!


Wow!  This is overwhelming and humbling to the entire group.  Our first event that we organized was the Valentine’s Day Love-In.  The point was to be very public and announce to the city of Patterson that we are here and we still believe in peace, love, and unity in a time of great political turmoil and differences.

Our event, which you can read more about by clicking this link, was a huge success in our eyes.  We had a mix of teachers, board members, city council, children, and town elders come out to share in our message.

Even more amazing than that is the fact that we were contacted by a resident that sent us this picture of her poem entitled “Patterson Valentine’s Day ‘Love-In’ 2017” that was recently published by the Modesto Poets Corner.  This is beyond what we had expected.  I love that our event to spread love and unity inspired someone to want to write about the event in a creative and artistic fashion.

So thank you Nancee Kinkaid Maya for sharing this with us…and while nothing is set in stone yet, it is safe to say we are looking to make the Love-In more than just a singular event for Patterson!


William Hoffknecht

PPA Co-Founder


Talk to a Progressive – PPA Meetings

One of the purposes of the PPA is to educate people on what and who a progressive is.  Many people hear the term progressive and think we are just left-wing democrats, some call us negative names, and many just don’t know what we are at all.  Do not worry, you are not alone.

Progressives come from all facets of political ideology, but often share some common understanding.  What many people don’t know is that we can often times share common understanding with right-wing politics as well.

With that in mind, do not fret at all to reach out to us via our email or social media links above.  We will return a response as soon as can and if you want to learn more, feel free to come out to one of our full group meetings here in Patterson CA.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday night of the month, starting at 6:30 (mingle, drinks) and 7:00 PM (actual meeting) and usually go for an hour or so.  We welcome all kinds, so do not be afraid.  If you are interested to join us, please do not hesitate to reach out for the address and we will be excited to meet you!


An Open Letter to Jeff Denham

Dear Representative Jeff Denham,

You have turned your back on an estimated 300,000 people in your district. You have decided that this set of tax cuts for the rich is worth letting your constituents suffer for. Who do you work for, exactly?

If you honestly believe that this bill will give the American people a better choice for health care – THEN PROVE IT.

Sponsor a bill that removes the taxpayer-funded health care from the members of Congress and forces them to purchase privately as well as removes all protections from pre-existing conditions and any other protection given to you by the ACA. Force all members of Congress to live by the same rules as what you want us to live by. Stand up for your so-called “beliefs” and lead by example.

We in the PPA have been trying our best to focus more on local issues with a positive message and let you dig your own grave with your constituency, but with this vote today, after you told us you were voting “no” on the matter, we can no longer ignore you. If this dangerous bill — which you decided to vote on without a score from the CBO — becomes law, you will be directly responsible for pain, suffering, and even death of members of your community.

You have proven who you work for and it sure as hell isn’t the people of Patterson, Turlock, Modesto, Newman, Denair, or anywhere else in your district. It is your donors and establishment of the Republican Party.

Shame on you.

William Hoffknecht
Co-founder, Patterson Progressive Alliance


The PPA: A Progressive Voice for CD-10

Welcome to the new landing site of the Patterson Progressive Alliance!  We hope this will be your one stop shop for all PPA links and connections.  Please feel free to follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information as well as ways to contact us.  Thanks must be given to the City of Patterson and the group of concerned citizens that have come together to make this happen.