About the PPA

The Patterson Progressive Alliance was formed in January of 2017 as an effort to connect local progressives  and concerned citizens together and give us a voice in our area.  With the election of 45, we all came to the understanding that we could no longer take our democracy for granted, especially in an area like ours that did not feel properly represented in recent years.

By working with local city leaders, organizers, labor, and other community groups, the PPA has gained connections and momentum in the City of Patterson, Stanislaus County, and across CD-10.

“We are a diverse group of Patterson residents who care deeply about our city and hold progressive values that guide us on local, state and national issues. We aim to create meaningful connections, working with you to keep Patterson moving forward.”

To see what we have accomplished so far, please visit PPA: In Media.

To learn about the founders of the PPA, please visit the Founders page.