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Patterson Mobile Office Hours – May

A few members of the PPA showed up this morning (2nd Friday of the month, 10:30 AM) in order to speak to Mr. Denham or his staffer.  It would have been nice to see Mr. Denham, especially since the Congressman was on recess this week and meeting with people all over the valley, but we honestly did not expect him after the well-deserved anger he has faced from valley constituents over the first part of the week.

We did have a conversation with his staffer though, who seemed rather unprepared to face our questions.  He attempted to defend Denham on the false narrative that he was “undecided” on the AHCA for quite awhile between him stating he was at a “no” vote and when he voted “yes” on it.  We brought up that this untrue because we were the ones calling his office and his staff over and over up until the vote and were continually told he was a “no,” but that seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The staffer then attempted to state that Denham turned to “yes” from the last two amendments, which was countered with the fact that those two amendment basically do nothing to make the bill better – a drop in the bucket compared to the cost and need, to which there was little response.

We expressed our displeasure with his condescending nature, over him citing “doctors” for his AHCA support, and his continual lies and attacks on us as “paid protesters from the bay area.”  The fact that he sends out an email stating how nice it was to have open dialogue and conversation, then a week later sends an email to his base accusing us of being “paid protesters” while begging for cash is sickening and proves what kind of politician he is.

While nothing was resolved and his staffer did say he will take our concerns back to the congressman, we know that it will fall on deaf ears.  Denham has already proven that he is rather unconcerned with what is best for his constituents or what we want – he feels he is smarter than everyone else, he knows more than we do, and he is just plain better than all of us.  Denham has shown us nothing other than that he is a slick-talking wannabe farmer who really just exists to toe the line with whatever the party and ol’ 45 want.

William Hoffknecht

Patterson Progressive Alliance, Co-Founder

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